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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pinwheel Cookies

So I am very excited about going to Montana to visit my dad and Sharon. Although, it will be FREEZING (or below) there. Good thing I have my winter coat from snowboarding. I haven't seen him since only October, but it feels like it has been such a long time. And with the cancer and treatment he's going through, I know it's been tough. I feel horrible that he has do this and I am not there to help him. While I am there I am going to make lemon garlic & cheese stuffed chicken, Indian butter chicken (delicious!!), Maple Salmon, and chicken piccata.

I made these pinwheel sugar cookies with orange extract the other day. They were phenomenal. I am getting pretty good at making pinwheel treats. It takes quite a while, what with having to put them in the freezer twice for two hours each, but it is worth it. I might try making my own cookie recipe in the next week or so. Some type of peanut butter and chocolate pinwheel, I think.

The boys' surgeries went very well. Roscoe got lucky, he only had to have the neuter because his canines fell out the day prior to the surgery. Ramsey wasn't so lucky. He had to have his top canines pulled, the neuter, and  they also fixed his umbilical hernia since it didn't fix itself by then. Fortunately, they used dissolving stitches for the neuters, but unfortunately Ramsey's other stitches have to be taken out in about ten days. So hopefully I can get them in on the 28th to check up on the healing and have the stitches taken out. They are so upset with me for 1) putting e-collars on the so they won't lick themselves and 2) not letting them run, jump, play and go crazy like they want to. I had to pick up all of their toys because they can't handle just chewing on them calmly. Here in a couple of days I will be able to put them back down I think. Poor things.

I feel like I had this weird obsession for cow kitchen things. I have two sets of salt and pepper shakers, a spoon rest, a cow lamp (for tealights), a clock with moving eyes, and a sugar/creamer set. I am excited already about moving to our new duty station. I'm not sure when or where it will be, now what will we do there, but we will be at the least renting a house. It will be nice for the boys to have a yard to go out into instead of only being able to run about in the dog parks here (though they are very nice in Fairfax County). Of course our first choice is west coast, but you never know. I would love San Diego, Yuma, Okinawa, Hawaii, or Cherry Point, NC. I would actually prefer Yuma to be a later duty station though because we could work on buying a house. California is much too pricey for us. I don't have that many requirements for our next home (there's obvious things like clean, functioning, and in a nice area). We will rent a place that is two stories, has a gas stove, and a fenced yard. Definitely not too much to ask I think.

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