Just a person who loves photography and cooking, wanting to share photos, recipes, and other various things.

This Crazy Lady

My name is Trisha and I started this blog for almost no reason whatsoever. Who knows if I'll be able to keep it updated or keep it going.

I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful baby dogs who all drive me nuts. I love to cook, clean, and take photos. I have a part time job that, for the most part, I enjoy. I am aiming to get my BA in business and start my own business (one day) when we are more settled down. I'm a "social butterfly" and can be shy at times.

So, here's to everyone actually reading my blog:


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  1. Hi Trisha...
    I read your forum post on Military Spouse FB page and thought I would stop on by and show some military love! :)
    I am an Army wife 5 years new. First marriage at 41 yes old. No children but 3 dogs that act like kids. Lol!
    We just PCSed back from Germany... Thank goodness! Yes, I'm one of those crazy women who hated it there. Much too cold and very boring!!!
    What had me send you this is that I read you are interested in starting your own photography business! Good for you! It's a great life and you can take it with you whenever you have to change duty stations. Only drawback... Can't do it if you're overseas. Not legally anyway. :(
    I own Deborah Berard Photography (www.dbiphoto.com)
    I began in Texas in 2008 as solely a wedding photographer. I loved it, and the $ is fantastic!!! While in Germany I seemingly fell off the planet because of the rules, but we just arrived back in the states 8 months ago so I have started again.
    I now own a 1200 sq ft studio loft in the art district of Columbia, SC and we specialize in woman's boudoir & fashion. Although we again are receiving inquiries for weddings...
    I would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding getting started...
    Love your blog!
    Have a great day...